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What has become of the ARA Best Study Award winner Luka Jazbec?

Excellent academic achievements not only impress on the certificate.  ARA AG grants the Best Study Award to those ETIA students with the best academic performance over the two years of study.
One of them is Luka Jazbec, alumni of the postgraduate program MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs and winner of the ARA Best Study Award 2012: “Working towards the ARA Best Study Award hones your discipline and time-management skills; being awarded acknowledges your efforts, stands out on your CV, and provides financial backing to ensure the post-graduation job-search is on your terms.”

Career steps since the Graduation

After graduating in 2012, Luka did some travelling and lived in Berlin for a while, before moving to Brussels and taking an internship in energy and environmental policy. A brief stint in energy policy research followed, before taking some time off to travel, volunteer, and write.

In 2015, he returned 'home', both to Slovenia and to the energy sector – more specifically, electricity and natural gas trading and sales – working first in business development before transitioning to regulation and compliance, a key intersection of technology, legislation, and international business in a dynamic and challenging field crucial for the energy sector’s transformation towards a decarbonized future.

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